• Supply of parts and maintenance of all kinds of polyurethane injection systems ECMAS PU Injection Systems for Concrete ECMAS offers one of the most extensive and efficient product range to seal joints in concrete, screed or masonry as well as water-bearing cracks. ECMAS uses the Polyurethane Injection technique for restoring various mineral structural elements at different crack widths, moisture conditions, and application temperatures. The product range varies from a convenient one-component resin for small water sealing jobs to specialist robust multi-component systems to effectively stop massive water ingress problems Process A hole will first have to be drilled on the underside of the ceiling, allowing polyurethane foam to be injected using a pressure machine. The pressure causes the polyurethane to ascend into any crack or voids caused by water damage, which will be filled up when it expands. PU injection is a recommended method to be applied to actively leak cases involving concrete slabs. Industrial Properties PU injection is also commonly used to repair factory or warehouse flooring, which can be damaged after prolonged and repetitive use of heavy machinery such as forklifts. PU grouting can also be applied in many areas where there is a visible leak. It is commonly used in areas such as drainage, piping, and ceilings. Similar to its residential applications, you can use it to repair any damage to your properties caused by rain or leaking.
  • Reconstruction and repair of all types of polyurethane systems and machinery
  • Overhaul workshop for all types of industrial pumps
  • Repair and restoration of all types of sponges and sponges
  • Providing feasibility services and advice on the production of all kinds of polyurethane products